Hand-crafted excellence since 1946

From the heart of London, the centre of style, to the heartbeat of Fes, the birthplace of fine Moroccan craftsmanship, comes Moroccan Bazaar.

A British company with a West London design studio, our origins are in North Africa. In Morocco. The country where craftsmanship still counts.

Such is the quality of our designs and our professionalism that today Moroccan Bazaar works on projects across the world. Our people are artisans, taking great pride in their work from our specialist workshops in Casablanca and Marrakech, and throughout Morocco. This means that at Moroccan Bazaar authenticity is inbuilt. We are also committed to honesty, integrity and reliability in everything we do.


Maallem. It means master craftsman. People with skills that have passed down the generations. It is a heritage that endures as that cascading of talent continues.

Our Maallem share a sense of duty and pride in promoting the traditional Islamic crafts that are so prevalent throughout Morocco. Moroccan Bazaar is at the forefront of the continuing resurgence of Islamic architecture globally. Accordingly, we have sought and contracted with the finest experts in their fields.

We offer specialist crafts such as:

  • Joinery – for furniture and bespoke architectural elements
  • Intricate metalwork
  • Zawwaga: hand-painted wood
  • Zellige: Moroccan mosaic tiles
  • Gypsum: carved plaster


Through 67 years and three generations, Moroccan Bazaar has proudly served individual customers, boutique restaurants and hotels, and some of the world’s most prestigious organisations. We’re a courteous, attentive family business that’s as honoured to serve you today as we were in 1946.